The Battle

The devil in my mind gives a hiss,
It says just give this battle a miss.

I turn to God and ask, "why choose me?"
HE replies, "The strongest warrior fights, hence I chose thee!"

For each time there are 2 battles which we fight;
One in our minds, and the other which tests our might.

So, yes it is these battles which helps one grow,
They teach us how to handle whatever life will throw!

So instead of questioning, let's accept them with grace,
Look within yourself - you have the strength to conquer and find solace.

Whenever we are faced with a difficult situation in life, we have to wrap our heads around its degree of severity first. And then our physical self gets into action. In essence it is a battle within a battle. 

This is a dedication to my sister Hena who valiantly fought her battles and exited gracefully. You will always be missed 😦

Illustration by Kishor Mistry. Thank you

10 thoughts on “The Battle”

  1. Life is full of battles big and small, some battles of our minds and some with the outer world. How strongly we face it is all that matters! Your writings are always thought provoking. Hena, one of the most sweetest person I’ve ever met with an infectious smile, will always remain in our hearts. Yes, she had her own battles which she fought bravely yet silently in her own winning ways. Will cherish the little moments spent with her always.

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  2. I will always remember her giggles, smiles and innocence. Today she is in a better place than we are, a better world than we are and more at peace than we are. God bless!!

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  3. Hena was a warrior too, an innocent warrior though. She loved to fight her own battles in her own childish way, Her favourite weapons being tantrums and tears. Grown up though, she was a child at heart who loved fun and laughter. Fate however did not give her a chance to fight her last battle. She was gone before she could say goodbye. We will miss you a lot Hena.

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    1. Yes Api. Though she had her own limitations she was always cheerful around people. Most of my friends who have met her have only one thing to say – Hena would always be remembered for her smiling face.

      Your have put your thoughts in the context of the topic ‘Battle’ so beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing them.


  4. Hena was a sweet and simple girl who loved family gatherings the most. ‘Ashraf’ will never be the same without her around. She was a child at heart and truly she will never age. Her young face full of fun and laughter will be remembered forever.

    Yes, she too had her own battles to fight which she did as long as she could ,but eventually gave up. We all miss you so much Hena. Stay happy and cheerful as always, wherever you are.😢

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    1. Yes Reshmi, indeed our home will never be the same again. We still sometimes think it is unbelievable that she is no longer there. That the door will open and she may emerge anytime from her room as usual.

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. It is priceless.


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