किस्सा kursi का

Hi Friends,

While pottering around my house in Bahrain, I clicked a few pics with the chair as an object of focus. However what started randomly, soon gave rise to a coherent sequence as I wondered what if an inanimate object would think too?

So presenting Kissa Kursi Ka, albeit of a different kind!

  1. The curtains are drawn, the stage is set. Let the show begin, you will like it I bet!

2. Once in the Kingdom of Dilmunia, a riot of colours emerged from the petunia!

3. The orange marigiolds’ musky fragrant, the white clouds drift like a fluffy vagrant. The green trees blow my loneliness away, these 3 colours rejoice in my nation’s flag too, I say!

4. Finally, I get a table for company.

5. The setting sun slants in, shadows flicker in the breeze. I relax in the drawing room, sitting at ease!

6. The silent rain has soaked the setting day, the colour of love has since long been washed away.

7. Alone I sit and gaze into the night, life is simply neither black nor white.

Note:- a) Dilmunia is inspired by ancient civilization of Dilmun and has links to present day Bahrain b) I was based in this wonderful Gulf country for a few years until 2017.

Copyright © 2020 Wasim Jawaid

This work of fiction written, photographed and created by Wasim Jawaid is the author’s sole intellectual property. All rights are reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including printing, photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author. For permission requests, send an email to the author wasim.jawaid@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “किस्सा kursi का”

  1. Thanks a Ton Bibek for your encouraging words as usual! New episode titled ‘kissa cycle ka” will be out soon 🙂


  2. Simply Awesome Wasim..‼️
    Bezubaan kursi ko de di zubaan..aur khoobsurat tasveeron mein dal di jaan.. ghair mamuli halaton mein bhi chehron par le aaye muskaan…That Odia boy, tujhe salaam😀

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  3. Well I have had pleasure of knowing you as a person more closely than others as we were room mates in FORE.It has been 20 years now since we have embarked on our journey of life in different directions but am yet to find a gem like you till date . This world is still a very beautiful place to live because it has few people like you around .God bless you .

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    1. Thank You so much Vikas. Your words mean a lot. Yes we go back to more than 20 years now and it is good to be in touch again 🙂


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