A Blessing

It has been raining continuously in Bhubaneswar since Friday night (3rd Dec, 2021).

The Met Department says a deep depression has formed over the East coast and Cyclone Jawad is on its way! It is the 5th storm to hit our country on this side this year and there is a joke going around in social media that perhaps the Bay of Bengal has entered into its longest depression ever and needs some professional counselling asap:)

However today morning (Monday, 6th Dec) dawned with no rain but still an overcast sky. The rains had dropped the mercury to below 20 degrees and a damp, dark winter is unusual at this time of the year in Odisha. It made me feel lazy and lethargic and it being the weekend did not help things further, as all I wanted to do was snuggle in the blanket and stay put.

So, just as I was getting used to the idea of spending one more day indoors with my jacket on to keep away the cold, suddenly the sun peeked out from behind the slate gray clouds like a child from behind a curtain surveying the scene in front of him.

Soon, not only it was peeking out but it stepped out in full glory and it seemed to have banished the rain clouds to the far corners of the sky.

Though I had enjoyed the rains which had its own cold charm, the warm Sun with its gold rays infused in me a sudden dose of energy and I quickly decided to take my morning walk on our terrace.

So I was back in my usual area for morning exercises after the rain induced gap, and I was almost sprinting from one end to the other eager to soak in the warmth as much as possible.

Sometimes I run in and bowl like a fast bowler to an imaginary batsman with an imaginary ball in my hand. I did that too a couple of times today and got really pumped up!

In fact such was my enthusiasm that I removed my t-shirt and let the sun hit my body for a few minutes. Lol! 😃

I was glad I did that because by the time I stepped back into my room the sun was gone. Again the overcast sky was back, like a screen being pulled across in a theatre once the show is over.

Anyways the point of writing this article was to express my gratitude to the little blessings in life which cheer us up. As Mr. Ruskin Bond says, that happiness is fleeting and when it settles on your hand like an elusive butterfly you must enjoy its stay as much as possible.

It is hence a blessing to be born and enjoy these moments which life gifts us. Soak in the moments which make it so enriching and worthwhile.

Cyclone Jawad (pronounced as ‘Jowad’) means generous and merciful. It is an Arabic name and it has been given by Saudi Arabia.

True to its name it spared Odisha and did not make a landfall (Puri was the designated spot.)

That prevented loss of lives and damage and we in the Eastern coast breathed a sigh of relief!

20 thoughts on “A Blessing”

  1. As the name suggests Jawad has been a blessing indeed. The Drizzles and the “shafaque” sky it left behind was a sight to behold. Great sigh of relief for sure. Allah’s mercy is bigger than anything in the world. Lovely post. Soothing!

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  2. Well written..Agreed 100% ..indeed we should count our blessings rather than keep grumbling about difficulties of life!!Puri which had seen devastation in last cyclone certainty can’t didn’t need another jolt..may Lord Jaggnath bless us all..more power to you bhai
    Keep up the good work 🤗🤟

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  3. Well written as always.. and its so true that we take the sunlight for granted but a few days of continuous cloudy sky gets depressing… keep writing

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    1. Hello Susree. So wonderful to see your comment! Yes indeed a damp dark weather can be depressing at times.
      Thank you for liking the post. It is like a sunshine for the writer in me :))


  4. Very well penned down….Indeed we need to count our blessings! Blessed we are! This time it spared us. We can feel the warmth of comfort and relief in this writing of yours. Love the way you express yourself in simple words 🙂

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  5. Lovely read👍
    Life is a blessing in itself and we need to live and enjoy every moment ..Kya pata …Kal Ho Na Ho …..


    1. Haha yes Geeta correct! Especially at this stage in our lives when we are more than midway through it. Got to appreciate the joys and even the sorrows which each day brings and keep learning. Thank you for liking it!


  6. Hey Wasim read it and as usual liked your thought process.. Yes instead of waiting for something big if we start counting the innumerable small blessings we get in life will definitely make our lives happier and simpler. I like the flow in your writing.. Now I know the secret of your evergreen youth as you are always exercising your brain constantly reading writing.. Keep writing. As I always say you have a knack for it.

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    1. Hello Jhumur!

      Yes indeed these blessings come in daily and got to keep thanking the Almighty for them. But most of the times we are so busy/worried and distracted we may not realize their importance.

      And thank you so much for all your compliments and encouragement! It really keeps me motivated and going ❤❤


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