किस्सा cycle का

Hi Friends,

One fine morning a cycle decides to go for a ride around the city. It is the time of Lockdown, so of course it cannot take its master along. Here is a recount in pictures of the experience the cycle had that day 🙂

I lock the door of my home and step out. My saffron coloured dress goes well with the green and white of my home. It is as if the Tricolour is wishing me goodbye!

It is a bright sunny day. The smooth road stretches out in front of me like a black silk ribbon. I move at my own pace enjoying the ride. I am already looking forward to this experience!

As i cycle past stationary vehicles and moving trees a strange realisation hits me. There are absolutely no humans on the road! I marvel at the peace all around. Spying a vacant bench i park myself for a quick break.

Hello, what’s this lovely sight?! White and pink periwinkles flutter in the soft breeze in joyous abandonment. Might as well stop and pick some. Who knows if I meet someone special in the journey?

The sun is at its zenith now. All this pedalling has exerted me. How wonderful it would be if i could get those pair of wings?! I would fly against the azure sky.

As evening approaches, I suddenly see her. Under a blaze of lights she looks dainty in white. Maybe the rain Gods are happy too, as the heavens open up as we meet.

The light drizzle makes me scurry for cover under the same tree as her.

We stand next to each other in close proximity. There is complete silence in the city. Only our heart beats can be heard, thudding excitedly.

Is this the start of something special?

(किस्सा – a story)

किस्सा kursi का

Hi Friends,

While pottering around my house in Bahrain, I clicked a few pics with the chair as an object of focus. However what started randomly, soon gave rise to a coherent sequence as I wondered what if an inanimate object would think too?

So presenting Kissa Kursi Ka, albeit of a different kind!

  1. The curtains are drawn, the stage is set. Let the show begin, you will like it I bet!

2. Once in the Kingdom of Dilmunia, a riot of colours emerged from the petunia!

3. The orange marigiolds’ musky fragrant, the white clouds drift like a fluffy vagrant. The green trees blow my loneliness away, these 3 colours rejoice in my nation’s flag too, I say!

4. Finally, I get a table for company.

5. The setting sun slants in, shadows flicker in the breeze. I relax in the drawing room, sitting at ease!

6. The silent rain has soaked the setting day, the colour of love has since long been washed away.

7. Alone I sit and gaze into the night, life is simply neither black nor white.

Note:- a) Dilmunia is inspired by ancient civilization of Dilmun and has links to present day Bahrain b) I was based in this wonderful Gulf country for a few years until 2017.